About Manara

Light is the key of Existence Manara is the direction to all destinations, where we open the doors to the signatures life that we develop to an exquisite luxury. Manara Development is one of the most distinguished Egyptian Tourism & Real estate companies that strive to shape the future with unparalleled experience of providing clients with the most exquisite signatures of the luxury life, while engaging and expanding in different locations & investment sectors.


Our mission is to always provide the most exquisite signatures of the luxury life, investment opportunities, the best standard of living by proposing fresh, Eco & smart solutions across diverse sectors.


Our vision is to maintain our perspective as market leaders in Tourism & Real estate sector and make integrated life for all customers.


the most important goal of the group is to provide the best touristic & entertainment services to our customers meanwhile the group is planning to become one of the market leaders in the field of building and management of touristic resorts in Egypt and the Arab World